Monday, May 26, 2008

Before...and after

Ok as promised here are some photos of the bedroom, there are way more before ones since well before kicked ass in my eye. There was a lot more detail and was a lot more fun than just the 2 colors the room now boasts.

And now it looks like this, simple and worlds different from my no longer masterpiece, but she likes it all that matters. Only that one wall has the accent color on it. There are more polka dots that were added since I took the photos too. Madeline was not too happy with her sister's new room and threw a small fit. She does not believe us when we tell her that her room is not done yet and won't be until July when we can get my step dad over here (he is a carpenter) and Ed has a week off to actually finish it. We had to remind her over and over again that she begged for the smaller room, and that we told her there was no trade backs once we did it, and that the other room would be done first.

As I was uploading these pics to the computer, Lilly came next to me and went "awww I miss my fishies in my room. I want them back." Little shit, sorry kid you are so S.O.L. At least I will now forever have these preserved so I can remember what I once did.


Wendy/tye said...

Aww Neen. That must of killed you to paint over Nemo.
I love the purple though. The entertainment hutch turned out cute!
Well done!

Neen said...

Thanks, that was an old dresser I converted.