Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm coming (I just had to post this here too)

Posted this over at And they wonder why as well (see sidebar for link to my other blog) . I just know more people read this one and I just wanted to share it. I am still laughing at it.

Okay I admit it I have a 13 year old boy living inside of me. I seen this slide and just could not stop giggling. Sometimes I wonder just who designs these things and wonder if it is on purpose. I can picture them as a bunch of 30-something virgins who could not not get laid at hooker-con. I see them snickering away just like I did, getting off on the whole dirty aspect of such an innocent child's play thing. (Then again part of me would like to get a whole lot of vanilla pudding and well you get the picture ;-) )


Morning Artist said...

Nurturing the child in ourselves sure helps getting by to mommyhood easier :) Belated Happy Mothers Day!

The Author said...

I cannot stop laughing and have started sharing this with all my friends.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Very Funny!!