Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a great day!

Today we got the 6 month post chemo report on my husband. Everything looks great the tumor is gone and his bloodwork came back and it is perfect. What a load off our minds here. In three more months he'll go for another scan then the dreaded week wait for the report. But I have a great feeling that this beast is beat for good.I sure hope that is the case.

I also was informed that I have won a giveaway from another blog that I like to read. Caffeine laced chapstick. WOO HOO! I amloving it already. Caffeine is my drug of choice by far. It is like water to me, I need it to live. Thank you Natalie for hosting this giveaway and choosing me as the winner, and I really did mean that last comment I hate hate hate the Yankees, just ask my husband or kids. My hubby loves them and I love the digs I can give him this season Cough*last*place*cough* Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket for tonight's drawing.

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