Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh what a night

Last night was awesome, and the reason that I hardly have a voice today. What did I do you ask? I went to a special solo performance by Bryan Adams. The all acoustic show was unbelievable. He did such a fablous job. The show wasn't in a big venue, more like a local bar setting so the crowd was a lot smaller than you'd expect although the show was a complete sell out. He interacted with the audience trading small conservation, even played some songs people in the audience yelled out.

I have seen him several times now, he is one of the few artists that I will go see again and again. I just love him that much, oooo the things that man can do to me with his voice alone. Mmmmm.

My only complaint about last night was that they told me that I couldn't bring my camera in. This is AFTER THE FACT that when I called the place where he was playing earlier in the day to inquire about tis I was told that Yes, cameras were allowed. They never said that it had to be a certain type of camera. Bastards. Actually this happened to several people in line so at least it wasn't just me. I had to laugh at the trouble security gave a cop too. Granted bringing a firearm to a concert is never a good idea (and I mean you really need on at a Bryan Adams concert, that crowd is just crazy, full of nothing but rowdy trouble makers you know), but the way that the cop was arguing with the security guards there just made me chuckle. They wouldn't let the cop in unless he checked his firearm and had it locked in the safe. After dirty looks and some words from his wife he finally agreed to it. The power of the pussy as one of my friends calls it. LOL. It was a great night overall and I totally crashed once we got home I took a shower and think I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

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Jennifer said...

wow! we went out for a girls night and for my bday which is coming up... but anyway, we had a good night... you had a master card priceless night. lol :) i'm gald you had a good time!! woooo hooo!! i would love to see bryan adams!! that stinks about your camera... i know i have been places that won't let you bring a camera that does video on it... that sucks b/c most camera's now have both still and video... oh well at least you got to go and enjoyed it!!!