Saturday, May 24, 2008


Floor in Lil's room is laid, and since the kids will be away for another couple of days I decided to paint it too. Just about to start the first coat of prmer here. Boy will she ever be surprised when she come home from Grandma's and finds an entirely new bedroom. I can almost hear the squeals now. (I just hope Madeline doesn't pitch a fit over it). I almost don't want to start the primer tonight but the room will need a couple of coats, it breaks my heart in a way to be painting over my masterpiece. I had their room painted like a Finding Nemo theme. Fish, coral, mermaid, seaweed. Took me I don't know how long to complete. I took some pictures earlier of the empty room so I will always have the memory of it. I'll most likely post pictures after it is complete. Oh well better get to work.

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