Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ni hao my friends

Sigh, just having one of those blah days here. Been thinking it is Wednesday all day so far. Nope it is Tuesday. Tuesday (whimper) I hate it when I loose track of the days. It really is not warm enough to go out and play here so here we are stuck in the house. Lilly is fine and dandy I am the one climbing the walls here. I am so sick of Nick Jr. I am ready to fly out to where ever Yo Gabba Gabba is filmed and kill them all!

But I can thank it in part for Lilly's intrest in wanting to learn Chinese. Well that and her favorie food being Chinese. She learned a few words from Nia Hao Kia-Lan, and will always say to every employee at the buffet ni hao (hello), and tell them her age in Chinese as well when they ask it, (kids prices are based on their age there). Anyways the waitresses just think she is adorable and one just loves her to pieces. She has begun to teach her other simple words and phrases, which Lilly retained between visits. So last time we were there she taught us more.

Flash forwrad to later on that night I went to the book store and bought one of those learn Chinese cd sets. She loves them! I like them too, after all I get to learn something new as well. She is doing pretty good. I cannot wait to go back to the buffet and when the waitress asks her how she is and having Lilly tell her I am good and ask how she is doing in Chinese. I wish I had started Madeline this early in another language. Madeline knows some basic Spanish, from the TV and what I remember from school. I will have to get her some cd's too for Spanish although she is listening to the Chinese ones too with us after school, I don't think that Mandrin is offered as course in our district here once she gets to a higher grade and needs to take a foreign language to graduate. (That is years off still).

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Wendy/tye said...

I believe that a second language should be taught in school at a very early age. Pre-K or Kindy even.
Children's minds are like sponges then and they retain what they learn. Translators are in high demand, and make big bucks too! ;) Sorry the weather is so crappy there. I won't tell you beautiful it is here today.