Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh no, Tim Horton's you disappointed me

Timmy I have to say that I usually love you, you are like part of the family here. Hardly a day goes by that we are not together so how could you do this to me?

Now I do like yor coffee but I am a tea dinker, I do love your tea as well. And now that the warmer weather approaches (not that it really matters since I drink it year round as it is), my heart leapt in my chest this morning when I seen that you now sell fresh brewed iced tea. Oh joy of joys I thought, freshed brewed iced tea! There is hardly anything better in my book, so I had to have one. A sign told me that there would be free samples on May 22nd. But I knew that there was just no way that I could wait that long, so I ordered one.

My mouth watered as I watched the cashier pour out that sweet nectar of the gods. I licked my lips in anticipation. I had to restrain myself from ripping the paper off the straw, jamming it into the x-cut in the top of that lid, plunging the straw into that liquid bliss.

I was a good girl and waitied until I was back in my car before I took that first, what I hoped to be sweet sip. Well I didn't know where to spit first. I swallowed and thought well maybe I need to stir it a bit. So I did, with high hopes I closed my eyes and took another sip. It was no better. Your iced tea is flat out horrible! It has a nasty after taste too. I am so sorry but I will not be having this again.

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