Friday, December 28, 2007

13 years and counting.

Today is the 13th Anniversary of my first date with my husband. I sit here and think WOW, I have been with the same man for 13 years now, that is almost half my life. (I'll hit that mark at age 36).

We've had our share of ups and downs over the years,(What couple doesn't?). This past year being mostly hell. Well the last half of it anyways. But we always manage to make it through the rough patches.

No we're not doing anything special today. We went out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner yesterday. I was in heaven it is one of my most favorite places to eat. It was real nice because we took the girls and my little sister who is staying here for a few days with us too. Thankfully the kids shared a meal thus cutting the cost. Both my girls fell asleep at the table too, granted it was after 8 by the time we got seated and I think all the excitement over the past few days had caught up with them. That and Madeline wasn't feeling that good on Wednesday. I think something she ate at Friendly's didn't agree with her. She was throwing up most of Wednesday night, my poor baby. She was a little bit off yesterday still but worlds better than she was and today she is back to her normal self.

I am gearing myself up Blog 365, blogging every for a year. Can I do it, well I am going to try, gonna make it my New Year's resolution.


Wendy/tye said...

Congratulations on 13 lucky years! Hope you have many, many more!

Noner said...

Woohoo! Happy annivesary! Keep on keeping on.