Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas the aftermath

Paper, boxes, and bows oh my!

We are finally cleaned up here. Clothes are put away, toys out of the death traps of those twist ties. (I hate those friggin' twist ties, how many does one doll need? Certainly not the twenty I took off). If someone wants to steal the little brush and jewelry out of the box, fine by me they'd be lost in the black hole that is our toy box by the end of the day anyway.

My husband and I keep getting the evil eye from our oldest daughter. We had bought her those Speed Stacks cups for one of her presents and are having more fun with it trying to beat each other scores than the kids are. Madeline wants to play with some of her sister's toys and vice versa. Lillian is at this moment playing with her sister's Moon Sand (thanks so much Auntie Julie, just you wait until that baby of yours is born, paybacks are a bitch. Remember those words). While Madeline is entranced by her sister's Light Sketcher. At least they share nicely. I am so happy that they are out of the "big, bulky, noisy, light up" toy age.


KentuckyGal said...

I agree with you about paybacks. We once threatened my MIL that if she bought the boys one more toy with batteries that we were going to lock her in a room with both boys and all of their toys! *LOL*

Wendy/tye said...

Is that moonsand messy? I was thinking about getting some for Ian but don't want sand all over my house.

clara-runner said...

I'm frantically going through all the gifts I have bought for my nephews. I can't think of anything payback worthy, but my sister may see it in a different light!