Monday, December 17, 2007

I am so going to hell

Today was Ed's first day back at work since the end of June. As you know he has been receiving chemotheapy and radiation threapy for his lymphoma. Things have been looking up for him on the cancer front, his scans show that the tumor has diappeared. His blood counts are excellent. And most of all he is out of the house! That sounds so terrible. I am happy that he is no longer home everyday, all day. I was going crazy at times having him here. He messed up my schedules, he'd let the girls get away with things I would never allow. I felt funny just jumping online off and on during the day like I normally do. He had a tendancy to get underfoot with tasks I was doing here, keeping intrupting me if I was knitting or reading. Silly shit to, "Could you get me a drink? Can you make me a sandwich?" stuff like that. Now if he was bad and hard a hard time getting around, or was feeling really ill from the medications it would have been a totally different story. If you are feeling well enough to go to a sabres game you can get your ass off the couch and over to the fridge. I totally didn't mind doing all of this in the beginning when we weren't sure how his body would react to the medications. But once we had an idea and seen how well he was doing it got annoying at times.

Not having him here has been great, Lillian has been a perfect little angel with no one to rile her up. I only made one lunch. I managed to get more housework done with him gone than I did with him home. Hard to believe I know. The house is quiter, there are no sports on the TV. Hence no yelling at the screen for some botched play. Why people get so involved in a game is beyond me, I always tell Ed that they can't hear him yelling through the television. And a miracle has happened LILLIAN IS TAKING A NAP. She hasn't done this since daddy has been home all day. I forgot how much I just love nap time! So it may seem mean but I am glad he is back at work. I really think it may be good for him too. My main concern is that the cancer he had is an enviromental one, and going back to the place that may have caused it is a very scary thing.

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