Sunday, December 16, 2007

Can't get warm.

I am freezing! I just cannot seem to warm up at all today. I have on fleece pajama pants a tee shirt and a sweat shirt and I am still cold. Have a terrible headache on top of it. And of course the kids are climbing the walls going stir crazy and my husband is being no help at all trying to keep them quiet. How he can tone them out amazes me. If it weren't snowing and blowing out so much, and if the wind chill wasn't 10º/12ºc I'd send them all outside, and attempt to take a nap. What I wouldn't give for a nice nap in a quite house, no kids, no husband just me. Maybe that should be my Christmas wish. There is a hotel here that offers a dinner/movie/jacuzzi suite combo. Maybe I should ask Santa for that, then leave him and the kids at home and enjoy a nice evening to myself. The more I think about it, the more I am loving the idea. Hey I can try to ask for a spa package thrown in there too. Hmmmm, yeah I like that.

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Wendy/tye said...

On those days, when it's really cold outside, and it's windy, my house is freezing and I can't warm up...those are the days to just go back to bed to warm up.