Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

and good riddance! I am so glad to see this year go. 2008 has to be better I really don't think it could get any worse than last year.

I wish all my new friends here a very happy, and more importantly a HEALTHY New Year.

I think I will be starting this new year off with a cold. At this rate I think I will be in bed before midnight. Pretty sad really, my mom has the kids for the night my husband and I could go downtown to celebrate but I'd rather order some Chinese, watch a movie and stay home. Must be a sign that I am getting old. (Or just feeling real old tonight).


Noner said...

You know, I know a coupe of people who are sick this new years, including my mother in law. And I know more people that ever that say they are just staying home cozy with their loved ones this year.

I hope your 2008 rings in on the right note, whether you're home sick or not.


Wendy/tye said...

Happy New Year sweetie!
Life is full of twists and a Led Zeppelin song goes~ upon us all a little rain must fall.
See you next year!