Thursday, December 6, 2007

Every time you whine or cry, an elf dies.

Did you know that?

Okay I am so going to hell if you believe in it. I don't know why but today the girls were just in that crying, whining mode. Enough so to drive me to drink. Whining about every little thing possible, crying "mom shes looking at me!" CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! Either that or you Senor Jose. (snicker).

Anyways it was really getting to me and I told them that every time you whine or cry an elf dies and that is one less toy you will get for Christmas. It has been working so far knock on wood. They have been quieter and are now playing nicely together. Wonder how long I can keep this belief up?

Yes I am mean I'll freely admit it.

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Theoretical Grammatarian said...

This is why egg nog tastes so good with rum in it. The "merry" in "Merry Christmas" is often liquid and necessary. Heck, even though my son isn't quite old enough to know what Christmas is yet, I'm still being damn near driven to drink by the overkill of holiday music in every store I go into. Thank goodness for Internet shopping (so I can booze it up and still get my presents bought)! ;)