Monday, December 10, 2007

Cancer stay away.

After today Ed has two more radiation treatments to go through for his Lymphoma. Then nothing until another C/T, PET scan next month. I hope that this mess stays cleared up. Last scan showed the tumor was gone. I am going to be going crazy next month playing the waiting game.

Boy has his getting cancer at such an early age really changed our lives. Some of it I have to admit for for the better. Doesn't that sound terrible. But this kind of forced him top slow down and spend more time with his family. Well more quality time. I think the girls are going to miss his terribly once he goes back to work. No more Mr. Push Over to help them out, back to mean old mommy.

I just really hope that it does not come back. I know that our lives are forever changed and any little thing might send him into that "could this be cancer too mode?" And I don't think that is any way to really live. Yet it will be unavoidable. I wouldn't wish all that we have gone through this year on anyone. I feel like I have aged a lifetime during this ordeal. I just want some normalcy back into our lives.

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