Monday, December 10, 2007

Cashier error in your favor... you correct the clerk or pocket the extra cash? What if you have been shorted by this fast food place more times than you can count or received a totally different order on a few occasions? And the only reason you went there was its location and two kids begging to go there. My husband also loves this joint and still continues to go there despite this fact.

The drive thru lane was insane so I parked and took both girls inside to get take out. The cashier was chatting away with other employees as they raced about to fill the drive thru orders, I was trying to keep my girls from swinging from those line dividers that make you feel like cattle. Thankfully there was hardly anyone inside to see them acting that way. Anyway the cashier handed me my change and I just stuffed it into my coat pocket without looking. I grabbed my order from the counter, gathered up my monkeys and left.

When we got home get the kids settled with their food. I grab the change out of my coat pocket and notice that I got my $10 back with some change. I know I handed her a $10. I really didn't feel like bundling them back up to take back the extra money. And like I said we have been shorted by them so many times before that the $10 doesn't even come close covering the costs of what we were missing. So I am keeping it. It may be wrong but so what?

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