Thursday, December 13, 2007

Someone call the doctor QUICK!!

There is something seriously wrong with me. I am still stammering and in quite a bit of shock here. I've checked myself but I don't have a fever. A fever might explain the delirium I have just experienced. Now I'm just scared,
(please someone hold me!).

I was at the kitchen sink doing the breakfast dishes when I looked up and it was snowing. I said aloud to my little one. "look how pretty it looks baby, wouldn't it be nice to go outside and take a walk".

Did I just say that?
Did those words come from my mouth?
(No the couldn't have, they couldn't that is just impossible, INCONCEIVABLE I'd dare to say.)

Now anyone that knows me, knows how I feel about that icky, white, wet stuff. (get your head out of the gutter) Knows that in my household I refer to it as "The bad 4 letter "S" word". Hate is to weak of a word to describe my feelings for this stuff.

So how in the world did those thoughts enter my head? How did those words escape these lips? I never, never, ever would volunteer to go outside in this stuff. I only go it in it when I have to. Daddy is the one that will take the girls out to play in it. I may go out for a few minutes to snap a couple of pictures but that is about it. Like I said I hate it, I hate the cold in general. If I never ever seen the "s" word again I'd be thrilled. My idea of a white Christmas is a white sandy beach. Get the picture. So me saying that I want to go out in it must mean that something is wrong.


amy said...

Growing up, my mother who is a native of Florida, refused to call it anything but "white fluffy stuff." She LOATHED it.

Shelby said...

I have to admit- I do hate snow. Or rather, I did. Until we moved to an area who freaks out at the thought of snow in the forecast. We have only had enough snow in 3 winters to sled twice. It's really sad! I left WNY in part because of the snow, and now snow is part of the reason I want to move back. I think I'm off my rocker. ;)