Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It begins and it ends.

Got our first Christmas card in the mail today, I of course already mailed mine. Guess I shamed a family member into sending theirs out early too. Hee hee.

Today was my last day on this Fisher Price mom's panel. (*sniff*) I really do hope that I am called for another one. I met some real nice ladies, had a few laughs. Got paid. But I really like how serious Fisher Price is about parent input in their products. If some of these items don't go into production you can thank me for saving you from tiny pieces that may get lost or from the piercing pain in your foot when you accidentally stepped on one. STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE was this groups manta. We were stressing to them how important storage space for all the pieces the toy comes with is. That if you are going to make a toy with small pieces ie, Polly Pocket please include some sort of storage for said toy. Something like a drawer in the base to keep all the little crap.

Some of the new concepts are really cool and I hope to see them on the shelves in the near future. Plus knowing that I had a say in them makes it even more special. Just like the boxes and ads that my girl's appeared on.

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