Monday, December 3, 2007

Why would you do that?

What a question to ask someone who just did a good deed. And to say it in such a snippy way really makes me think that society is in a lot of trouble. I did it because it was the human thing to do. The weather here has taken a turn into the winter direction. Bitter cold temperatures, snow, stinging wind. Many of the areas homeless are making their way indoors, malls, stores etc... I ran up to the local Wal Mart this morning and seen an old man dressed in dirty layers, light coat, old hat and ripped gloves. He was counting out change to get a cup of coffee and you could see the look of disgust on the cashier's face. It just broke my heart. I looked through my purse for the subway coupons I was saving. There were 2 buy a 6" sub get one for free. I walked up the man as he was at the coffee station and gave him the coupon and $5.00 enough to get the subs (if he went with the $1.99 6" sub of the day). He started to cry. A grown man started to cry just because I gave him $5 and a coupon. I then went up and bought myself a cup of tea. I couldn't believe it when the cashier looked at me like I was crazy and asked why I'd do something like that. I just told her because it is the right thing to do. What I didn't tell her is that I know what it is like to struggle to make ends meet. How a simple gesture like that means the world to someone who has nothing.

I feel terrible that this Christmas my kids are not getting a lot. That we couldn't afford what they really wanted, and that most of the money went towards clothes instead of a toys. I am just happy that their daddy will be around this Christmas. That he is responding very well to the chemotherapy. With him not working, the pay cut that the company he works for did, taking away great insurance and sticking us with the crappiest one out there,(doctor visits aren't covered at all) and the out of pocket expenses involved. I nearly had heart attack when we got the bill for just one of his chemo medications it was close to $8,000. Even when we are in the position where we could use some help, there are so many out there that are worse off then us. And even if I can't donate to Toys for Tots this year, or do a Tree Angel for someone. It makes me feel good knowing that I still can do something for someone out there.


Grandy said...

I think what you did is great, and think the cashier is nuts. Thank you for the touching story, and I wish you and your family the best holiday ever!!

Wendy/tye said...

May that cashier never know the receiving end of the gesture you made to that man.

What your kids are going to remember about Christmas, is not the gifts, but what you give from the heart.

Theoretical Grammatarian said...

You did a very nice thing, and I hope that someday that cashier has the ability to understand exactly why you did it.

RYAN said...

You are very generous. Yes, you did a good thing by giving your Subway Coupons
to a person who needs them most. It would be great if subway offers coupons to poor, may be then the cashier will understand why you shared your coupon. Thank you.