Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let me be the first to kick your ass...

back over the border! CANUCKS GO HOME! (So sorry to my Canadian friends, I still love you). But ugh I have had it up to my eye balls with the influx of Canadian shoppers invading my home town. I have never in my life come across such rude, mean, dirty, people. Okay so your dollar is worth more than ours at the moment but please remember you are guests here in this country. You don't need to trash the area, you don't have to be so snotty, bitchy, and down right mean. It is the holiday season after all.

Living near a mall can be hell this time of year especially if you want to go shopping. The fighting for spaces, large crowds can get on a lot of people's nerves. Let me start off by this lady I had an encounter with yesterday night. I went grocery shopping, the store that I frequent has a Shopper's Club card that gives you discounts on a number of select items. I think most stores have this no matter where in the US that you live. I do my shopping fine no problem and I was heading into a lane that had just opened when a lady races to get in front of me. She literally knocked my cart askew to beat me to get in front of me. "Sorry I'm Canadian" was her reply to me when I shot her a dirty look. What the fudge does your being Canadian have to do with you acting like an asshole? "I'm sorry you are a Canadian too, we all can't live in one of the best countries out there" was my sassy reply to her. She muttered under her breath, rolled her eyes and made a face at me. Whatever bitch. So the cashier is ringing her up and asks her if she has a Bonus Card. She had no clue as to what it was and asked the cashier what it was since she was Canadian a point she stressed to the cashier. (She must to like to point out she was Canadian to everyone she comes in contact with). BCL (bitchy Canadian lady) then starts to snap her fingers at me telling me to hand her over my bonus card to use since she was, (yup you guessed it) Canadian and didn't have one.

If it weren't for the fact that you earn points to get money off gasoline there was no way in hell that I'd of let her use mine. But hey its the holidays, Merry Christmas BCL! The cashier and I got to talking while she was ringing up my order. We wondered why she be doing grocery shopping here instead of back home. I can see running in for something like diapers, other baby needs, pop and some chips for the ride home but to do a full shopping order in another country seems way bizarre. I mean there are restrictions on what can cross the border.

Today was a trip I actually went into the mall with the girls and my aunt! I was happy had a decent space lined up, seen someone leaving so I but my blinker on and was waiting for them to leave so I could pull in. The car coming down the aisle opposite me stops to let the leaving car pass then guns it and steals my space, (asshole...Canadian plates). I ended up getting a sweeter parking spot too, just 5 spaces from the door. I have great luck finding parking spaces no matter where I go. Wish I had that kind of luck with the lotto numbers. I was heart broken when I pulled in the parking lot was littered with discarded sneakers, clothing, boxes, bags, tags.

Seems that some Canadians are trying to trick customs to avoid paying those pesky import taxes. As I was getting out of the car, the owner of the car next to me made a trip to drop off packages in the trunk of his. I stroll to the back of my car and am taking out the stroller and I see this bum tossing a shopping bag full of I don't know what under his car. (Canadian plates). I said to him "I hope you aren't planning on leaving that garbage there". He had a colorful response for me. Slammed the trunk shut and walked back towards the mall. I was pissed so I drove the stroller in between our two cars, walked to the back of his knelt down and pulled out the bag from under his and dumped the contents onto his hood and roof, making sure the receipts and tags were plastered to the windows and put underneath his wiper blades. (You don't want to mess with this momma when she is mad). It was a childish thing to do but it made me happy. There are reports all over our local news about Canadians acting in that manner. Heck the local news station caught on film people tossing shoes and clothes into trash bins at the mall, leaving them in the hallways, and dumping all sorts of things in the parking lot. Some local charities have set up collection bins for some of this discarded clothing.

After the mall my aunt took us to a late lunch. It was a madhouse as just about every restaurant this time of year is. We were seated next to a table of 10 (any guesses as to where they were from?) They were running our poor waitress ragged. If I was their waitress I would of spit on their food or in their drinks. The holiday crowds are bad enough alone these poor workers are constantly on their feet. This party behind us was something else. Three members asked for refills on their pop and she asked them all if anyone else wanted any. They said no. I heard them. She goes gets their drinks and brings ours as well. Drops off ours then theirs. Three more people ask for refills then. Um hello you couldn't ask for that two minutes ago when she asked if anyone else wanted some more? That poor girl. To top things off they left her a $5.00 tip. $5.00 for a party of 10 at the Olive Garden. Nice people.

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