Saturday, December 15, 2007


Oh what a day! I spent all evening baking cookings. Well the cut out cookies anyways. I did most of them with the girls earlier and am just finishing up the rest now. I have one batch left to go, they are in the oven now. When this batch is done that will make 200 cookies. Sad thing is I could probably eat most of them myself. I am going to have to hide some so they last until Christmas last year Ed and the girls attacked them.

The girls had so much fun decorating them. I couldn't frost the cookies fast enough for them. Oy and the colored sugar, so glad I had them decorating them in baking pans. What a mess! I should be frosting the rest of them now but I am sooooo beat. I just want to jump in the tub and take a long hot soak. I don't even want to think about the dishes. I am just going to do them tomorrow morning I think.

It looks like it has started snowing here I wonder how much there will be when we wake up in the morning. I really hope they over estimated the amounts.

Oh well off to finish the job.

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