Friday, December 14, 2007

beeeeep...This is NOT a test!

The National Weather Service Has Issued a Winter Storm Watch for the area
A Strong Storm Is Expected To Approach The Region Saturday Night. This Storm System Has The Potential To Bring Significant Snowfall To Western New York Saturday Night And Sunday. At This Time, It Is Too Early To Project The Exact Track And Strength Of This Winter Storm Or Potential Snowfall Amounts. Additional Statements Will Be Issued Regarding This Storm As The Event Approaches.

Well crap. They are saying anywhere from 8-24 inches will be dropped on us tomorrow night. Damn that Nor' Easter. It looks like a lot of the snow that we got yesterday had melted. I can see grass again and all of the snow is off my neighbor's pine tree. I was smiling again. Now we get this news (waaaaaah).

I did brave the cold yesterday for a few just long enough to take some snapshots. It kind of sucks in a way now that my husband will be going back to work. He is usually the one that goes out with them to play. I really hate going out in the cold to watch them play in the snow. I don't mind being out there any other time of year. I'm one of those people who is almost always cold. I think 70 is cool weather, and will use a comforter to sleep with then. (Now I use 2 and a fringe fleece one I made).

I just don't do well in the cold weather. Most people will double up their step to get indoors when walking from the car to the place. Not me, it totally slows me down and it seems I move at a snail's pace. I don't know why that is. I need to find some place where it is 75 and above year round. That would be nice. Very nice indeed.

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