Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big day in our House


Madeline lost her first tooth today. Well her first tooth the natural way. The front one on the bottom. The one on the top she lost due to a run in with her sister and a toy. She was a nervous wreck all afternoon once she noticed that tiny spot of blood. You'd of thought she was bleeding to death. I did manage to get her calmed down but she wouldn't let me yank it out of her mouth. It was hanging by a thread and bothering her. She couldn't eat well with it still in. I told her to keep pushing it back and forth with her tongue to try to get it out. She went into her bedroom whimpering only to come out screaming with joy about 10 minutes later. Proudly showing me the new space in between her teeth and a tiny tooth in her hand.

So tonight the tooth fairy will be leaving her a five spot since all she has in her wallet is that or a twenty. A Webkinz and a little note.

Wed. November 28, 2007

Dear Madeline ,

Wow - you lost your first tooth!
Well I mean the first tooth you lost on your own.
(I know all about the Lillian thing).
I was so excited when I heard it was loose.
Everyone here in Tooth FairyLand is thrilled about the news, especially me, your own personal TOOTH FAIRY! My name is Audrey.

I took a minute from flying around the world collecting
teeth to write you a special note. After all this is a very special day!

I'm very proud of you. You see I always check those teeth
to make sure they are white and shiny. It looks like you're
doing a great job - keep brushing!

Remember, when you feel that little tickle on your cheek while
you're sleeping - that's the flutter of my wings as I check up on you.

All my best and see you again soon!
Your Tooth fairy

Corny I know but I guess I am that kind of mom. I am shocked at how hard this milestone is hitting me even. My baby is growing up. I still cannot believe that she is 6 some days.

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MP said...

Losing a tooth is such a big deal! I think the kids look SO cute too!! I was coming over from the Sunday Picture Meme but couldn't figure out exactly which one was the one you intended..I decided this was it! I like it!

Get the's husband and I love to play too!!