Monday, November 19, 2007

Feel so accomplished

I got up the rest of my Christmas decorations, took the picture and ordered the holiday cards. It will be cropped and framed of course but here is the original version. Lillian did not want to get out of her dress. It was a battle to get her out of it. Made a ham for dinner with a nice maple glaze with a side of potatoes not really sure what you'd call them just something I throw together and fry up a tad. Everyone loves them, and that is all that truly matters.

Ed's radiation was canceled this morning, his doctor wasn't in and the one doing it had some questions about it and thought it would be best to wait. I guess since the chemo destroyed the tumor he wondered why Ed was there to get radiation with the dose prescribed. I wish I was there to get the full story Ed has a tendency to half listen, you know that selective male hearing. They scheduled him for 8:30 each morning and that is the time that Madeline gets on the bus for school.

Oh and I know that this is silly but I do postcrossing, ( if you want to check it out. You basically send up to 5 strangers in the world a postcard, but never to someone in your own country, then you will get the same number you send out back from somewhere in the world not the person you sent yours to) and I actually got countries that weren't Germany or Finland this time around. My newest batch of cards went to Great Britain, Switzerland, and Japan. Out of 121 sent cards this will be my 1st to Japan, so I am kind of excited to be getting that line on my map. I even got Madeline into it. It is a great way for her to practice her writing and reading plus it means she gets mail which she loves and a nice collection of postcards to boot.

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