Saturday, November 17, 2007

The perfect gift!

I am so happy that many stores are having great sales before Black Friday this year. I doubt that I will be able to go since Ed has radition therapy that morning, and I am not taking the girls out in that mess or getting them up that early. I usually leave the house at 3 am. Yes I am nuts I know. I managed to pick up a few things today for some of the kids in the family. I think I will get the rest something at the Fisher Price factory store after my Mom's Pannel meeting this Tuesday. I am so excited about what I got my sister Julie too. I bought her something I know that she will love...

Luxury Foldable Massaging Back Rest

Luxurious Relaxation AnywhereRelax in style. The luxury foldable massaging back rest provides soothing deep tissue relief, portable flexibility, and a classic modern design that will compliment any lifestyle. This rest delivers a vibrating massage that melts away lower back tension and reduces the stress and strain of hectic everyday life.Through its’ ergonomic design, the luxury massaging back rest combines easy to fold arms, lightweight design, and a built-in handle for easy storage and portable use. We've brought functionality and style together to create an ideal formof lower back relief and relaxation.Upholstered in camel faux suede andembellished with a built-in beverage holderand convenient side pockets, you can comfortablyrelax in your favorite spot with everything you needwithin arms reach.

I think that it will be one of her favorite gifts this year. I know my back killed me when I was pregnant and I know that hers has been bothersome lately. Hell after reading that description I think I'd like one too.
One lesson I did learn today is DO NOT TAKE KIDS WHEN YOU GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! If at all possible pawn them off on somebody else for a couple hours and do it alone. They only slowed me down and the constant I want that!, me telling them don't touch, stay by me it was totally exhausting.
No my tree is not up either, after the long day I had I just did not have it in me to drag up all the Christmas crap. At least dinner was easy the girls wanted chicken noodle soup and ham sandwiches. Hooray for easy dinner nights, I love those the best. I only wish we could have more of them.

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Wendy/tye said...

Yep, you are nuts coz I HATE Black Friday Shopping! lol
I just hate crowds. You can't properly browse because there is somebody ready to mow you down in the isle if you hesitate for half a second.
It's just not for me.
Unrelated but: I just recorded Nightmare Before Christmas onto a DVD. Made me think of you ;)