Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is today over yet?

Please tell me it is I am ready for bed and it just past 9pm. Why is it that when the kids have a day off from school that is the one day they will wake up before the alarm would usually go off? Honestly I thought for sure with letting her stay up later last night I thought for sure that she'd be sleeping in.

Ding dong I was WRONG!

Then again she was excited to see what the tooth fairy had brought her.

I had a parent teacher conference this afternoon. I got nothing but compliments about Madeline. I was told how respectful and helpful she is. What a joy she is to have in class. That was good to hear, it really made me feel proud. Her teacher told me that she is one of the best readers in her class. She is reading at an end of 2nd almost 3rd grade level. (Those that don't know Madeline is in the 1st grade). I don't know how they can tell the difference but Yeah Mads!

Earlier today the girls and I were in the playroom and the television in the living room was on. Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers came on and I just started singing along with the theme song and bopping to the music. I couldn't believe I remembered the words to the song. The characters, the plots. The kids I used to babysit loved that show. Funny how things like that stay with you and get buried in your brain, then once you hear that trigger and BAM! it all comes back.


Wendy/tye said...

Ian's p/t conference was a couple weeks ago, right before Thanksgiving.
Ian is reading up to the 5th grade level. :) I am so proud of him! Just had to share that with you.

Neen said...

That is awesome Wendy. You should be proud of him. He is an incredible young man.