Monday, November 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

After a few minutes and a couple of bribes I got this years Santa picture. All day today my little one couldn't wait to see the Big Man himself. Telling me that she is going to sit on his lap, telling me that she was going to tell him that she wants this and that for Christmas and that she has been a good girl. So I am real excited last she she gave me no trouble at all seeing him, Madeline was a different story.

Well this year talk about role reversal. Madeline was so excited to see Santa, waving at him as I took their coats off and brushed their hair pre-picture. Lillian turned into a little howler monkey "Nooooo!!!" and hiding her face behind her arms. Panic stricken as I undid the belt on her stroller. As soon as I undid it she was refastening it. I told her that Santa had a present for her after she'd go by him. I told her that I'd get her a treat if she went. By now Mads is begging me to go up to him and trying to course her sister to go up too. Telling her that Santa is a good man and that he brings them presents on Christmas.

The promise of taking her to Claires for some new earrings, Christmas earrings I think finally tipped the scales. So she agreed to go up as long as she could stay in the stroller and I went up too. No problem. We tried taking a photo that way but it looked like a disembodied head was in the shot. I somehow managed to get her out of the stroller and onto Santa's lap. Of course at this time the photographer's back was turned as he was talking to the people behind us about package prices. (Speaking of that holy cow did the cost of these pics skyrocket!). Then the faces began. She had all the people around the area in stitches by making goofy faces as the photographer was busy. She was smiling and I was ready to yell at the guy to get to the camera and take the shot as she was happy for the time being. Of course by the time he did I get this look on her face. But at least she didn't have her tongue hanging out or the look of sheer terror on her face.

On another note, drum roll please................ I am done Christmas shopping! FINISHED! Woo hoo! (Throws confetti, blows noisemaker). I picked up a couple of gift certificates for use at over 100 local establishments, restaurants, spas, salons, etc... No more, I can just sit back and relax until Christmas Eve.

Well not really, I still need to make some cookies. But I can start those in a couple weeks and it is not like I have to run around a lot to do that. I think I am doing the cut outs and peanut blossoms this year. Mmmm cookies.

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