Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Yes I am one of those nut jobs that goes out shopping today. My aunt and I started going out a few years ago together. It has become a much beloved tradition for us. Leaving the house at 3 am or or going to get some coffee, then to wait in lines. SHOPPING, breakfast, then more SHOPPING. Sometimes lunch or dinner too depending on what time it is when we finish. Although I didn't get an early start this year like we do every other year. (Ed had his radiation therapy at 8:30 this morning and I didn't have a sitter). So we finally got out around 10. I got Ed a miter saw at Sears that he has had his eyes on. (I went there alone before I picked up my aunt, it'd be hard to sneak that in the house with him home). Got a great deal on it too. As I was carrying it out of the store to my car this nice young man, I'd say late 20's and he insisted on carrying it to my car for me. I was so touched. It is nice that there are still gentlemen out there. I should add that he was carrying a bunch of bags before hand too. He was walking with his girlfriend. She is one lucky lady if he treats her as nice as he did me a total stranger.

I got some great deals today. I do think it was it going out today.

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