Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh Christmas tree & radio boycott.

Well it looks like it is time for me to start my annual boycott of what are usually two of my favorite radio stations. This weekend they switched over to their all holiday music all the time formats. I think that over a month is too long, I'd be happy if they only did it the week of Christmas, that be enough for me in all honesty. Two weeks at the most. It sucks that I won't use two of the pre-set stations on my radio now.

I also did my tree. The girls are thrilled about that. I am still in the process of obtaining ornaments. Yes I am one of those that does a theme tree but it is far from professional looking and I do have a few non-gingerbread ones thrown in there. I try to buy a few new ones every year so one day I will have enough to fill it. The back of the tree is basically bare, and ornaments can get expensive. I know that there is the dollar store and I have quite a few of those already, but I want a variety of gingerbread themed ones not just the same four or five that the store carries over and over. I still need to bring up my other decorations so you are not getting the full affect here.

And soon that fugly rug you are seeing will be gone gone gone. Yes i still am giddy about the new flooring. I just can't wait to start it. Don't mind the globe less light in the background, my girls were horsing around and well you can put two and two together to guess what happened.


Wendy/tye said...

I don't hardly listen to radio anymore and haven't for a couple years now. I listen to my own tunes at home, and in the car. I just don't have the patience to listen to commercials or wait for a good song. I have about 4 gig's worth of music for the car and a 10 disc CD changer too. :)
When I do listen to radio, it's XM satellite radio. It seems weird to listen to terrestrial radio now. I do like Christmas music, but on my own terms. I have about 10 discs full of Christmas stuff.
Check out XM Online radio. There are lots of free streaming radio over the internet. Let me know if you want some links!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My one true love is the UPOP station on XM Satellite Radio. They've pre-empted it for the month due to holiday programming. They allocate something like 7 stations just to Christmas and Hanukkah. sigh

Although there's this one called 'Dysfunctional Family Christmas' that I enjoy. They play classics like 'I Farted On Santa's Lap.'

Neen said...

Now that sounds like a holiday channel I could get into. Thanks for the heads up.