Sunday, November 4, 2007

I really hate daylight savings.

I really really do. Here it is not even 5:30 est and it is dark outside. Extra hour of sleep my ass! My girls got up earlier than usual today. I feel another cold coming on and I am running on empty here. I really hate this time of year, fall up until this point I simply adore. The kids have been driving us up a wall today, just one of those not getting along at all days, one of those whiney, screaming, "mom she's looking at me!" ones. (I really need a drink or four).

I so don't feel like making dinner tonight, would it be bad if I served the kids cereal and sent them to bed at 6? I mean it is dark outside, they might not know the difference. I know that I am ready for bed right now. Hmmm a nice hot bath, maybe light a candle, grab a book a nice long soak. Sounds heavenly. If I could trust Ed to keep the girls quiet and out of the bathroom I might atempt it, but alas he has football on and for some reason when he watches sports he becomes zombie like. He seems to block out all that is going on around him and just watch the game. It really pisses me off in a way, I mean is it wrong to want a few moments of peace and quiet to myself?

This afternoon we spend a great deal of time going through a lot of the stuff we have here and ended up ditching a lot of it. Trying to clear things out before we lay our new floor. This new floor has been a great motivation to clear stuff out. I only dread the fact that next month we will be bringing in so much more crap thanks to Christmas.

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