Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mini rant

Know what really pisses me off, these teenagers who dress all in black or dark colors and walk in the street when there are sidewalks available. Then they have the audacity to get pissy at drivers as they go by. Here at 5 pm it is already pretty dark out. I was driving to go and get us some Chinese for dinner and of course there she was. Walking in the street, not some side street but one of the busiest and longest in my area it goes from the heart of downtown Buffalo all the way out to the country. What is up with that? She was alone, all in black, the side walks are clear there is no snow, there is no reason to be in the street. Ugh people like that just drive me crazy.

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Wendy/tye said...

Around here, some people bike or walk to the Pork Plant. They route most of them take is on a very dark street with almost no lighting because it's on the edge of town. In fact, there is a corn field all around it. I don't know how many times I have come up behind somebody dressed in dark clothing back there and almost took them out. A couple people have gotten hit by cars back there.
Idiots who wear dark clothing in the dark and walk around have no business giving anyone attitude.