Sunday, November 11, 2007

One of those days...

Been having one of those days today. The kids are not getting along at all. They are driving me up a wall. All I hear is a scream, whine or a cry from them. every few minutes. I need some peace and quiet. I have already threatened them with not going up to my sister's tomorrow. At this pace they are NOT going. Today was her birthday and I am going to take her gifts to her tomorrow since Madeline does not have any school. Our aunt is going to go with us we'll take her out to lunch too. I can't wait to see her I so miss her since she moved. I liked it a lot better when she was five minutes away, this hour stuff sucks especially since my nephew will soon be here. With the way gas prices are skyrocketing I won't be able to get up there as much as I'd like too.

I also went Christmas shopping today and ended up getting a couple things for myself too. Kohl's was having a great sale plus I got one of those 30% off coupons. You have to love an additional 30% off already reduced and sale prices. What I ended up getting for myself is new flatware, it was on sale too boot! The one we had were my grandmothers from when we moved in here. And a digital photo key chain. It is the coolest thing. I love it been uploading pictures to it in between posting here and watching a movie on television here. I have to admit that do I feel guilty about getting myself something especially with all that is going on here though. I did end up getting some great deals and saved a bunch in the process.

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