Friday, November 2, 2007

November already?

Wow where did the time go to? I cannot believe that the year is almost over already. I mean really we'll blink and it will be goodbye 2007 and hello 2008! I am so not looking forward to this weekend or to winter in general. I really hate turning the clocks back that hour. I hate it when it 4 something it is getting dark out side, I hate the cold temperatures. This morning at the bus stop it was 30ºf. Can you say brrrrr? Of course I don't have any gloves yet and being outside scrapping the ice off your windshield in the bitter cold is so much fun. I do have a new hat though. See Lillian modeling it for me. :) Don't mind her dirty cheeto face.

I drove Madeline to school this morning since she had been chosen to read the Pledge this morning. She did such a good job, yes I had to go and hear her read it over the PA system. What kind of mom would I be if I missed it? I am so proud of her for being chosen to do this, she was hand picked because of the great work she does at school. Her teacher told me how impressed she was by her reading, writing, and artistic skills. She specifically mentioned how descriptive Mads sentences were. She showed me an example of her work and even I have to say that kid has some talent. I mean I know that she is bright but I really have no other children to compare her to. But wow she blew a lot of her classmates out of the water while one kid wrote, Joe has a dog. Madeline wrote My friend Joe has a small brown dog his name is Max. Joe and Max like to play ball. Yeah not bad for a six year old.

I also got Madeline's school picture back today. I wish they would of fixed her hair a tad but not bad overall I think. I just look at this picture and think WTF? When did she get so big? Looking back at her pre K and kindergarten pics she has changed so very much. She no longer has that little girl look (sob..sigh..sniff). She looks so grown up. Also on the Mads front it seems there is a little boy in her class that she likes, I hear he likes her too. Oooo got to love that puppy love. I do have to say that he is one cute little boy though very nice too.

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